1. Sauber Intelligence si-200 Vacuum Cleaner

    Intelligence si-200

    The Sauber Intelligence si-200 is an elite vacuum that comes equipped with the Powerclean powerhead for exceptional deep cleaning in your home. Approved by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program, the Intelligence also includes a Powerclean handheld turbo brush for removing pet hair and dust from furniture. Read more...
  2. PowerProf SCP-9000

    The Sauber PowerProf SCP-9000 commercial vacuum cleaner is an exceptional machine that enables highly efficient commercial cleaning. Features include an extra-wide ET2 deep-cleaning powerhead, excellent ergonomic design to reduce user fatigue, and many innovative features to make commercial cleaning more enjoyable and efficient. Read more...
    Sauber PowerProf SCP-9000 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Sauber Excellence SE-400 Vacuum Cleaner

    Excellence SE-400 Vacuum Cleaner

    The Sauber Excellence SE-400 is a premium European vacuum cleaner that includes the first-class ET1 Powerhead for deep-cleaning carpeted surfaces. With elite 5-stage Mediclean filtration including HEPA H13 filters and an exceptional selection of Sauberâ„¢ vacuum tools for all occasions, the Excellence offers an exceptional clean in houses of all sizes. Read more...
  4. Classic sc-100

    The Sauber Classic sc-100 is a premium European-made vacuum cleaner that has been fully approved by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program. With a host of excellent features including the Sauber Automatic Floor Tool, the sc-100 Classic is a powerful machine that will achieve outstanding cleaning results in your home. Read more...
    Classic sc-100

our promise of quality

Sauber Intelligence unifies the modern, timeless Swiss design with quality "Made in Europe". We stand behind this and give you an absolute guarantee on the Sauber Intelligence.